Jadeveon Clowney

Clowney would have been the number 1 pick in this year's NFL Draft if he were eligible.

Clowney would have been the number one pick in this year’s NFL Draft if he were eligible.

As if the Kansas City Chiefs haven’t already been through enough agony and disappointment this past year. The Chiefs hold the number one pick in this year’s NFL Draft after finishing with the worst record in the league. Not only is this a year where there is no quarterback who is talented enough for the number one pick, but the best defensive player in the country who would be an instant difference maker for the Chiefs is not old enough to be eligible for the draft. I am talking about the monster that is Jadeveon Clowney.

Clowney has now played two years at the University of Southern Carolina. Not only has he been a dominant force since his first college snap, but he has the ability to single-handedly change the course of a football game. You don’t believe me? Watch this year’s Outback Bowl against Michigan. Southern Carolina was cheated by a bad official spotting and the game appeared to be over. The very next play, Clowney struck. As Michigan’s quarterback is handing the ball to the running back, Clowney times the snap perfectly and meets the back at full velocity by the time he receives the ball. Keep in mind that Clowney is 6’7 and 260 pounds, so not only did the ball come loose which was recovered by Clowney, but the running back’s helmet flew back ten yards! The University of Southern Carolina went on to win the bowl game because of this incredible play by Jadeveon Clowney.

Clowney is projected to be a top three pick in the 2014 draft. The kid is not even old enough to have a sip of beer, yet he is more physically gifted than almost every defensive end in the National Football League already. Freaks of nature like this are rarely came across. Clowney’s college head coach, Steve Spurrier, told a reporter that Clowney was ready for the NFL coming out of high school! Jadeveon has recently caused a national debate on the rules of when a college football player should be eligible to play at the next level. Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe in the current eligibility rules. Most athletes need to develop that “NFL body” before they will be able to physically survive at the next level, unless you are Jadeveon Clowney.


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